William Feyk on Why Companies Use Change Management Plans

These days, business development and expansion can accelerate at breakneck speed. Both small business and large corporations benefit from being flexible and perceptive to the need for change. Many companies, however, struggle with the process, and some choose to employ a management plan to facilitate major changes.

Changes may be influenced by external factors, such as political shifts, economic situations, suppliers, customer demands, feedback, criticism, action from a competitor, or press and media representation. Internal changes to an organization also require careful planning, such as business expansion, globalization, alteration to management structure, introduction of new technology or software, mergers, or acquisitions. Whatever the size of a business, major changes can have enormous impacts on operations, employee relations, and customer satisfaction. Implementing a solid and well-constructed change management plan will maximize the benefits of proposed changes while minimizing potential resistance and any unexpected consequences.

About the Author:
A highly respected business executive, William Feyk holds several decades of leadership and business development experience. While working as a U.S. Army officer, Mr. Feyk gathered a wide range of management expertise, which he has successfully brought to his current role as the Vice President of L-3 MPRI.