William Feyk: Accurately Assessing Opportunities and Conserving Resources When Pursuing Government Procurement Contracts

With an extensive military background, William Feyk has senior executive expertise in securing and fulfilling technology-focused government contracts, particularly in the training, logistics, and transportation sectors. One aspect of operational management that William Feyk finds essential in securing high-profile government procurement contracts involves accurately assessing and deciding whether to pursue opportunities

The judicious manager puts together a capture team based on a multiplicity of factors that include relevance to the company’s mission and technical capacities, and an honest assessment of competition. Developing a successful strategy also involves knowing customers’ requirements and goals intimately. A competitive assessment gives the capture team an accurate idea of where they stand vis-a-vis other companies in the field.

A specific shortcoming of many contract managers and capture management specialists during the proposal phases involves allocating too many resources towards projects that they cannot realistically obtain. At every stage in the process (before engaging fully in the capture effort), reassess the opportunity at hand and make an objective decision as to whether it is in the company’s best interests to continue pursuit.

If chances of attaining the procurement are marginal, the management team should have no qualms about shutting down the effort, which consumes significant time and resources. In many cases, companies define contracts as “must win” when they are not likely to achieve victory. In the process, they demoralize team members and take attention away from equally valid, and more attainable, procurement opportunities.